Three Great Home Floor Remodel Tips

While our home is our castle, none of us would actually want to live in a drafty centuries-old stone mansion. We want the comfort of our modern homes, with central heating and the luxury of lots of light through double paned windows. But one thing that many of those old castles had that we find ourselves trying to recreate in our modern homes is their beautiful old wood floors. Those beauties are the kind of old world touch that many of us would love to recreate in our own modern homes, filled with the conveniences of life we have come to take for granted.

While getting your hands on some of that old growth flooring may mean taking numerous trips to the lumber yards Houston has in plenty, it would be worth the work. But even if you are someone who loves the new modern flooring, there are some great ways to refinish your home by giving those floors some new life with a remodel. Here are three new floor finishes that just may have you dreaming of the next big project.

Restore Your Wooden Floors
If you have an older home with wall to wall carpets, you may be surprised to find out you have wood floors beneath that old carpet. Lift up a corner, peel back the backing, and take a peek at what was on that floor back when it was first built. If your house predates the mid 1950s when wall to wall carpeting became the rage, you may find perfectly good wooden floors underneath. Because they have sat beneath the carpet they may need a bit of TLC to spruce them up, but that is easily done. Many local hardware stores will rent a sander that is made for refinishing old wooden floors.

You run this machine much like you would a vacuum cleaner, taking the time to evenly sand down the top layer of that wood. What will be left is a beautiful wood floor, ready to be sealed in and finished. Today we have come to appreciate once again wooden floors and so many owners of older homes are finding out they have treasures hidden beneath those carpets. But even if all you have below that carpet is plywood, there are still some ways to get rid of that carpet and create some really beautiful floors.

Basement Floors
Many homes have basement floors that are simply cement, with a covering of cheap carpet. This is particularly true if the basement was quickly redone into a spare bedroom or playroom for the kids. But that ugly old cement floor can be turned into something truly wonderful with a bit of patio paint and some imagination.

Patio paint is that paint you often see on porches, usually in a brick red. It is meant to fill in the porous nature of a cement floor, and will seal it over to prevent dampness from seeping in. But it comes in more colors than just that brick red, if you ask around. You can find art books on floor painting, and probably websites, that can give you ideas for a wealth of great patterns for that floor. You can do everything from painting a mandala on your floor to making a faux rug in paint! Get the kids involved and turn making that floor look new into a party.

Lovin’ Our Ikea Floors
Today you can have a floor that looks like wood or marble, stone or old fashion linoleum. But chances are those surfaces are simply a photo of the material you are mimicking to make them look real. No home décor company has quite mastered this as well as Ikea, the Swedish monster of a store that many American home owners have come to love.

The flooring styles they offer are often sold in squares you assemble yourself, complete with their now-famous diagrams for installation. Choose a photographed finish, pick up your tiles and assemble at will. What floor will you have done this year?


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