Detached Garages Offering a Range of Benefits to Homeowners

Detached Garages Offering a Range of Benefits to Homeowners

Detached Garages Offering a Range of Benefits to Homeowners

You may have given some thought about getting a garage for your home. Having a garage will let you lock up your vehicles in a safe location, especially when you plan to take a vacation. One type of garage design that you are considering is a detached garage. Here are some of the benefits in getting a garage that is not attached to your home.

Place it Anywhere

If you have enough lot space or acreage, a detached garage can be placed anywhere on the property. Also, you can face it in different directions instead of having the garage doors facing the street. This advantage is ideal for homeowners who want their home to stand out and bring curb appeal to their property as they can tuck the garage on the side or behind the house.

Build the Garage as Big as You Want

With a detached garage, you aren’t restricted by size since you are not using the existing walls of your home in the garage construction. Also, you don’t have to tie in the roof with the existing house roof to make it look more uniform with your home. You can add on a workshop, art studio or craft room to the garage. You can also build up with your garage by adding a loft, living space or a deck. Before building a large garage, you should always check with zoning restrictions in your neighborhood.

Keeps Noise and Dust Away from the House

If you plan to use the garage as a mechanic’s shop, music studio, or woodworking shop that creates a lot of noise, dirt or dust, making a detached garage would work well in this instance. With a detached garage, the dust and noise can be kept out of the main house. So you can enjoy watching television without hearing the sound of buzzing saws, hammers or drum kits. Also, you won’t have to constantly clean the room that would attach to the garage as dirt and grime could come inside every single time a person opens the door.

Won’t Compromise Safety or Security

Many times, a homeowner will select a detached garage because they may be worried that an attached one will compromise their safety. If you plan to use your garage as a workshop, you can keep issues such as hazardous fumes, or the risk of fire, away from your house if something goes wrong. In addition, people feel more secure having a detached garage because it doesn’t provide burglars with an additional way to break into the house, which could occur with an attached garage.

Detached garages are a great way for people to have a place for their vehicles, to store extra possessions, or to have an additional space. The garage can be built to suit their needs and space requirements while being a beautiful building addition to their property.


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