Find Your Future Home in Bend

Find Your Future Home in Bend

Find Your Future Home in Bend

House hunting can be a trying and stressful situation. Where should you start looking? How do you know that you have found the right house to fit into your specific needs? Will the buyer accept your offer or pass it by? We’ve listed some advice you can use to find a future home here in the Bend, Oregon region as well as how you have a better chance impressing the sellers so they will consider your bid.

Decide on What You Need

Make a list of all the items that are required so you can have a functional home for your needs. Think about whether you need a garage, a certain number of bedrooms, a specific number of levels, or a particular floor layout. Also, consider the types of appliances, lighting and mechanical systems you want. While you may decide to renovate later on, if the house has most of the things that you need already installed, it can save you time and money in the long run.

Consider All the Types of Personal Preferences

Once you know what must be in the house to make it a place for your lifestyle, then consider all the smaller preferences that would be great to have, but are also negotiable. This aspect could include types of materials used for countertops and flooring, the size of the yard, the number and size of the windows, or where certain rooms are located.

Figure Out a Location

You may be looking for a house near public transportation, employment or schools for your family. Or you may want a house by a lake, ski lodge, or other resort destination so you can enjoy certain amenities. The location of the house can dictate the pricing, so you will need to determine a location as well as see the comps for the houses that have already sold in the area to determine if the neighborhood will fit into your budget.

Figure Out Your Finances

To ensure that the seller takes your bid seriously over other house buyers, you should have all your finances in order. Get mortgage pre-approval, not pre-qualification, so you know how much you can borrow. Then you can narrow down your house choices to the ones that you can comfortably afford.


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