Maintenance Tips to Increase Split Air Conditioners Functionality and Lifespan

Maintenance Tips to Increase Split Air Conditioners Functionality and Lifespan

Split air conditioners are most energy efficient cooling option and it is crucial to keep its performance in the best shape. However, many homeowners forget maintenance because of the comfortable cooling they enjoy. It is good that the mechanism is working properly for now, but its longevity and functioning level will reduce soon.

Some things you will need to leave to professional AC technician, but there are few steps, which can be turned into a DIY project to enhance your split air conditioners performance and longevity.

How to keep your split AC running fit and fine

Maintain cleanliness on the outside

Outside cleanliness means keeping the room interiors clean as well as the area around the exterior unit. Dust, dirt, and debris collected on the unit can possibly enter inside the operating part and finally cause major problems. Make sure to dust the interior unit every week and wipe exterior unit gently with damp cloth.

In addition, the outdoor unit vents must not have any obstacles like branches or leaves falling over it because this can make it difficult for heated air to dissipate in the atmosphere. Dust and dirt can clog the unit causing malfunction. It is a simple chore, which helps to decrease the extra toil and expense later on.

Give unobstructed space

Samsung split air conditioning system needs less space but if you give it lots of unobstructed space then it will work BEST. It needs ample wall space for working smoothly. Therefore, there should not be any art or large furniture or bookcases surrounding it.

These things can support build-up of dust, which can obstruct cooling efficiency. The machinery needs to have 4 feet open space in each direction, besides walls. Open spaces help to prevent later on issues and makes sure the appliance operates perfectly.

Turn system off

Obviously, you will need to clean more than outside the unit to take care that the unit performs well. Cleaning the inside is extensive, so make sure to turn system off to avoid the risk of electrocution or damaging the unit. After turning the main power wait for the unit to cool because starting instantly can also ask for danger.

Remove filters

Filters are crucial components to check because ignoring its maintenance the working efficiency of air conditioner can decrease. Carefully remove the filter from within and clear the dust and dirt accumulated gently with dry cloth. Today, filters are washable therefore wash and dry them before re-fitting inside. This task needs to be added in your monthly routine. Filter cleaning is crucial because air quality gets affected due to dust and dirt build-up.

Clean coil and condenser

Outdoor unit holds coils and condenser, which needs to be washed with garden hose spray to eliminate the dust and dirt accumulated. After spraying check the fins, which can bend. If necessary, use fin comb to give them their original shape. Check for any debris left. The unit needs to be dried completely.

Clean pipes

Pipes are pathways between both indoor and outdoor units. If dirt and dust collect on them then cool air gets blocked from flowing freely in your home. In addition, pipes tend to develop leaks, which decrease cooling efficiency. So, check these pipes regularly to make sure they are clean and have no leaks. This maintenance chore can be conducted, when you are cleaning the filters.

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