Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With These Amazing Landscape Lighting Design Ideas!

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With These Amazing Landscape Lighting Design Ideas!

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space With These Amazing Landscape Lighting Design Ideas!

Have you ever thought how can you create a stunning yard that can be much more functional and look beautiful, too? Your outdoor space must be usable at night also as many people play or work till late at night even after the sun goes down.

The best way is to add outdoor lighting that can quickly transform it into usable place. While most of the people still don’t realize it, their backyard can be an entire new room that they have failed to explore completely. Today, you can go much further than just a light bulb at your doorway.

With the help of unique landscape lighting designs, you can rediscover perimeter of your own property and make it an entertaining place along with highlighting your interest points like fountains and sculptures. However, some of the homeowners don’t put significant thought when it comes to their interior lighting design and illumination outside their home. After all, you will want to ensure that your outdoor spaces are well lit. The following are some of the best landscape lighting ideas that can make your residence a wonderland!

Outdoor fireplace

If you desire for natural light after dark as well, you will definitely love an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. It not only extends usage of your entire yard into the colder seasons, but also serves as an additional place to cook. It can be a beautiful light source after evening. To keep it more interesting and functional, you can even include additional lights so that your brick chimney surfaces can be illuminated.

Under lit benches

Won’t you just love to have an interesting and functional lighting to illuminate the entrances and pathways to your home? You can go for aesthetic lighting fixtures as well that can highlight your shrubbery, trees, as well as architectural features. If you desire for installing planter boxes or benches in your outdoors, you can install lighting under these features to illuminate these walkways. Today, there are also plexiglass benches available in the market that can drastically increase illumination.

String lights

String lights are the permanent choice for most of the homeowners and it is a holiday staple always! These lighting solutions are ideal for the family that wants to enjoy their outdoor spaces for very long. Plus, they are inexpensive and fun option.

LED lights

Today, low voltage LED light fixtures too are growing in great popularity. After all, they have already lighten up your laptops and car dashboards, so why not your backyard? They are especially used for style, effect, and design. Most of the LED lights are even programmable. While most of the houses use around 120 volts of the power, low voltage lighting just makes use of around 12 volts. It eliminates need for the deep trenches holding the wiring. They can even be used for the down lighting.

So, go for the fixtures that illuminate your paths and doorways along with providing variety of uses as well. With the above ideas, you are surely going to create a welcoming and beautiful space outdoors!


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