Valuable Facts One Should Know About Different Types of Grasses

Valuable Facts One Should Know About Different Types of Grasses

Valuable Facts One Should Know About Different Types of Grasses

Are you planning to have lawn at your home? This post is going to help you a lot regarding the choices of turf you can have in your garden. If you are planning to own the best lawn then the first thing you should know is what type of grass would fit better Every grass has its own adapting climate like some grow better in sunlight while some grow in shade. It is suggested that you should buy the grass that fits the climatic conditions and make your lawn look green and beautiful.

These days, you can find all things on the internet. You must know what type of grass is best for your lawn. You can buy turf online easily from an online store. The grasses differ in quality, size and cost. Before buying, you should know whether there are accurate climatic conditions for the grass you are going to purchase and order it.

Types of Grasses

  • If you have lawn at a place where the effect of winter stops the growth then you are suggested to choose warm grass. The winters will have less impact on such grass. You can prefer warm grasses such as Bermuda, Kikuyu and zoysias. If you have pets at your home then this grass is very compatible as it is not destroyed with pet’s urine.

The grass contains a huge amount of nitrogen and oxygen. These grasses can be used to cover the spare land and you can observe an instant recovery of these grasses even when there is high foot traffic in the lawn. These are salt tolerant and also these warm grasses can be saved even when there is no chance of rain.

  • If you have a lawn which is in area that has hot temperature but remains green throughout the year then you can prefer tall fescues in your lawn. This type of grass remains green throughout the year and it is referred to as cold season grasses. These grasses cannot survive in the cold climate. It cannot tolerate high foot traffic only medium to low foot traffic is considered optimal. These types of grasses spread wider and are not tall so you can easily maintain them at regular intervals.
  • If you have a shady area then choosing the bluegrass will be the best season. This type of grass is also the cool season grass and cannot survive in cold climatic conditions. These grasses give an intense look to your lawn as these grasses basically grows on rhizomes that are the stems that produce their own root and shoots and help these grasses to spread wider.

Make sure that your grass has high capacity to survive in the shady areas. If you are looking warm season shady grasses then St. Augustine is the best option to choose, well these grasses can go best at both the warm place and the shady areas.


It is suggested to buy online the grasses of whatever variety you want. Growers are making worldwide delivery which helps you to get the best quality grass for your lawn at home.


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