Ways To Keep Your Laminate Flooring In The Best Condition

Ways To Keep Your Laminate Flooring In The Best Condition

Ways To Keep Your Laminate Flooring In The Best Condition

Laminate floors are resilient and tough, long lasting, easy to care, and beautiful. By treating your laminate flooring in the right way, they will definitely reward you with several years of pleasure and utility. There are a few tips by which you can maintain and protect your laminate floors.

Assist furniture and floors to coexist in peace

You can use soft pads or rubber casters to protect laminate floors from any damage due to furniture. Also, you must gently reposition your furniture occasionally.

Lift but don’t drag

Though laminate floors are scratch resistant, but they are not completely scratch proof. Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. To prevent the surface from getting any scratches, professionals at laminate flooring Belfast advise not to drag heavy appliances or furniture across laminate floors. In place of it, you can even use a dolly truck or hand to lift, carry or move bulky items.

Humidify, when needed

Excessive contraction and expansion of your laminate flooring can cause wide swings in humidity or temperature. It can lead to gaps in between the joints, and floorboards. So, if you stay in areas that have a lot of variations in humidity, then you may even use a humidifier to keep humidity at a consistent level throughout the year.

Keep your laminate floors dry

If any type of liquid spills on the laminate floor, then you must clean it up quickly. This is because moisture can sink inside the joints. This can lead to long-term damage.

Remove all stains gently

You need to take a good amount of care when cleaning stains from laminate floor. This is because, if you do it harshly, then it can lead to marks and scratches on the surface. This will diminish the overall appearance of the floor.

It is also advised to use a soft cloth while you remove stains, dried food, candle wax etc. You can remove it using a rubber spatula.

To get more clarity on how to clean the surface of your laminate floor, try checking with the manufacturer of laminate floor. You will surely learn the right way to eliminate tough stains of paint, ink, nail polish etc.

Perform regular cleaning

To keep your laminate floors clean, you need to clean it on a regular basis. A few cleaning measures that you need to adopt are sweeping, vacuuming and dust mopping either daily or on alternate days.

Don’t wax

It has been seen that many people wax their floor to retain its shine. This can result in being counterproductive. In fact, when you wax laminate floors, then it becomes dull and loses its luster. The best way to get a shining floor is to clean it on a regular basis. This will protect it and keep it in the best condition for many years.


With all the above explained methods, the basic idea is to take the best care of your floor. When treated properly, it will surely last for a long time.


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