Going for Keto Diet – Why is it One of the Best Diets for You

Going for Keto Diet – Why is it One of the Best Diets for You

Going for Keto Diet – Why is it One of the Best Diets for You

Ketogenic diets are commonly known as cyclic ketogenic diets and is one of the most effective diet for fat loss. It reduces stubborn fat, subcutaneous fat rapidly and maximizes muscle growth. It also helps protein retention in muscle.

However, keto diet requires patience and concentration. If done properly you will experience magical fat loss and shredded physique. You might have heard that ketogenic diet leaves you with low energy, but this is myth. You just have to do it in the right way.

Who should opt for it?

This is great for people who train with weights and have a regular intake of glucose for good amount of time. The muscle is matured and then the liver is perfectly capable of producing ketones that will not harm your body. Always remember that ketones are highly efficient to form gluconeogenic pathways.

Since it will start maintaining low blood glucose, if your muscle does not have enough store protein and water, you will experience mass loss along with fat. Therefore, do not rush into keto diet, it is not magic for everyone. Treat it like a phase and cycle it. Keto meals are difficult to plan as the percentage of fat and protein keeps varying according to the phase. Therefore, if you want maximum results you must opt for keto meal delivery

How the diet works – a brief insight into ketosis

In simple terms our body, every organ including our brain works on either glucose or ketones as a fuel. The regulation of these compounds are the function of liver and pancreas together. Both these organs can function smoothly with glucose and choose to work with glycogen as the default fuel. Now, on ketogenic diet liver produces compounds called ketones from fat.

Ketones like beta hydroxybutyrate, acetone and ketones are formed by the liver along with pancreas. These substances are not available in food and our body needs to synthesize it. The main motto of ketogenic diet is your body is entering into starvation mode and you are instructing your liver to produce ketones, in order to survive the severe conditions.

However, the following conditions need to be met for your body to enter ketosis stage:

  • Blood glucose should be below 50mg/dl
  • Lower insulin and therefore body entering stage into producing higher glucagon
  • Liver should have no stored glycogen, which means it takes 3-4 days for your body to get into ketosis as per body fat percentage

When all these above conditions are met and as the organs start functioning on ketones, your focus and concentration also increase. It is also one of the many reasons that persons suffering from epilepsy are asked to run on ketogenic diets for better wellbeing and health.

Why is ketogenic diet so great?

When body runs on ketones it undergoes lipolysis naturally, where the body starts breaking down visceral fat, stubborn fat around the waist line. Also, when muscles are matured muscle catabolism is reduced and muscle retention is at its highest. Since you are low in insulin levels you will have sustainable amount of energy. Also, the kidney and gut do not retain water and excess water is eliminated.


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