The Reclaimed Furniture – What Makes It Special Than Ordinary Furniture

The Reclaimed Furniture – What Makes It Special Than Ordinary Furniture

The Reclaimed Furniture – What Makes It Special Than Ordinary Furniture

Since the past several years there has been a significant increase in the demand of reclaimed wood. From the high-end restaurants to the coffee shops, it is used as beds, islands, bars and so on. If there is anything that could be prepared from wood, reclaimed wood is used in it. The surprising thing is why it has suddenly gain popularity when it has been around for more than hundred years.

The reason behind it is pretty simple. Since the past several decades, more radical design trends have been developed. This means that furniture has become more modern and simplified since then. This has led to modern kitchens and dining with clear, black or white furniture. A lot of people were fascinated with this style. However, since past sometime things have taken a unique turn.

The trends have changed to bring back the designs that were built by hand instead of mass produced and lasted much longer. People do not crave for a cleaner look but for the one that has personality in it. They are excited about unique, durable and customized products. Not only this, they desire for ethically produced and sustainable products. That is where reclaimed wood cone into play to fit into old but new era.

In order to use the reclaimed wood, you need to repurpose the old material. Such wooden items have been there for past hundred or even two hundred years but now need a new purpose. The wood can be obtained from windmills, factories, railroad tracks and even lighthouses. As these wooden items grew and become old, they become much stronger than newly manufactured wood.

Why to choose reclaimed wood

These days, newly made wooden items are prepared from trees as soon as they are big enough. They are not given a chance to grow slowly and become stronger. Due to this reason, reclaimed wood has tighter rings and it is much less porous than the newly younger woods. On the other hand, younger wood has weaker planks and could not take wear and tear as much as reclaimed wood can. The stronger and old wood has already stood the test of time.

Where to purchase

You need to choose a reliable and experienced reclaimed wood supplier to ensure that you do not end up buying fake products. There are many websites to start with. The is a popular website where you could learn about the reasons, benefits, quotations of reclaimed wood and much more. You could note down the list of famous suppliers in your city. Make sure that they offer brilliant customer service. If the wooden product gets damaged during the shipping, it is their responsibility to either exchange the product or refund 100% money back. Thus, do not forget to check their exchange, refund and shipping policies.

Many websites offer free shipping on bulk order. If you purchase more than one unit, you may also get heavy discount on every purchase. You have to keep these tips in mind before making a choice.


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