Are You Equipped with Basic Knowledge About Plumbing?

Are You Equipped with Basic Knowledge About Plumbing?

Are You Equipped with Basic Knowledge About Plumbing?

Quite often, you may face problems such as clogged sinks or leaky pipes in your bathroom or kitchen. Not that for all such problems, you need the presence of a professional plumber to set it right. Sometimes such problems may occur at late night when there is no plumber available at Woodstock to visit your place. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you can develop your skills for at least identifying where the problem is. This will be a very useful for your household.

In this small article, we shall provide you few tips so that in urgent situations, you should be in a position to locate the source of the problem and try to fix the problem temporarily till the plumber arrives.

  • You must know where the main water shut-off valve is located

It is very important to know where the main water shut-off valve is located so that during any emergency situation like sudden out pouring of water from the broken pipe line or when the faucet overflow in your bathroom or kitchen you can stop the flow. If you can immediately close the main source of water entry then you can save from the big mess that could have occurred within your household. Usually, such shut-off valve is usually located at the curb and access point is also available at the sidewalk.

  • Avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper in the toilet

This instruction should be clear not only to you but each and every member of the household. Toilet papers are designed in the way so that it can easily flow out with flush system. However, if you throw any sanitary napkin, paper towel, or any other kind of paper which is too denser then it can easily obstruct the sewage line and as a result, your toilet may get blocked and create a lot of mess in the toilet. In such situation, you will need urgent help from any Woodstock plumber.

  • What should you do if water is draining out slowly

If you observe that the water is taking plenty of time in the sink to drain out, which may be due to certain blockage in the pipe due to build up of sludge. Mostly this problem is noticed in old constructed houses. In such houses, quite often any strong acid is also not quite effective in melting the sludge built-up. In such situation, you need to have a snake unit which should be inserted inside the pipe line.

This kind of snake units are easily available at any local store however you must keep in mind that in order to work with snake unit you need to use plenty of muscle power too. You may seek help from other members of the house too. Any plumber may charge you good amount of money that you can easily save by working with your family member.

  • What to do if the water flow in the shower or faucet is ┬ávery little

This may be due to accumulation of calcium within the faucet and therefore you must clean them periodically by using vinegar. You can remove the faucet and keep it immersed in the vinegar solution.


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