Let Your Cold Places Turn Warmer – An Ultimate Guide To Buying Indoor Propane Heaters!

Let Your Cold Places Turn Warmer – An Ultimate Guide To Buying Indoor Propane Heaters!

Let Your Cold Places Turn Warmer – An Ultimate Guide To Buying Indoor Propane Heaters!

While it is true that most of us love cold weather and are more than happy to welcome it, we might still be thinking about the options to make our rooms more comfortable, right? Well, more severe climate and ever-increasing utility bills has made people go for indoor propane heaters.

Apart from being much cheaper to run as compared to electric heaters, they even can heat up the space quite quickly. In this article, let us check out all basics on them that will help you buy the right one for you!

Indoor Propane Heaters – Different styles

Generally, indoor propane heaters are available in two different types. First one is portable and the other one is permanent. Portable heaters, as their name suggests, can easily be moved anywhere whenever needed. They are smaller when it comes to their heating capability.

They are used mainly to supplement existing heating system that may warm space in house inefficiently. They are ideal for offering heat especially during power failure or while camping. They don’t come with extra ventilation.

On contrary, permanent indoor heater is mounted to wall in home. It is attached to large fuel tank located outside. These tanks too are fixed and filled by delivery truck. They are quite larger in terms of heating capacity as compared to portable one.

They are ideal to heat entire house or even bigger rooms. Most of the models use circulation fan inside it to distribute warm air. They produce much larger volume of the exhaust gas. This gas should be vented outside home for safety purpose.

What are the safety features to check out for?

Indoor heaters have many safety features due to the danger of harmful gases and other such emissions. They aren’t usually found in outdoor models.

Therefore, the need of these safety improvements and features is vital. So, you must not use outdoor propane heater in home. All of the indoor propane heaters are certified only for indoor use.

Generally, the safety features provided by each of the manufacturer can vary. However, all of their models have tip protectors that extinguish flame in case the heater gets knocked over.

Another such safety feature is ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) that shuts off heather when oxygen in room tends to fall down before safe level. Overheat protection is another feature that can turn off burner instantly when unit overheats or if gas is flowing even when burner is not active. All these protections make them quite easier and safer to use indoors.

When buying the one, make sure to figure out safe size for the actual space where you desire to keep it since these heaters come in different sizes. For instance, you might choose larger unit for getting the job done in construction or warehouse setting.

Propane heaters are effective as well as convenient to heat up colder spaces. So, click here to choose propane heater that can best suit your requirements and help you be warm in cold weather!


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