Add Bohemian Design Style to Your Kitchen

Add Bohemian Design Style to Your Kitchen

Add Bohemian Design Style to Your Kitchen

Before the end of French revolution, bohemian style was quite popular among people however thereafter it started declining. Now it seems this style is catching up once again.

People love the blend of patterns, bold colors and different mixture of fabrics that gives a unique appearance, particularly it makes a good contrast with all white kitchen. With bohemian rugs you can make a unique style in your kitchen by adding many different blends of colors, patterns and textures in your white kitchen. You can go for it from floor to ceiling and also anywhere in between too.

Let us know the availability of few bohemian colors which includes pink, mustard yellow, burnt orange and deep indigo. Along with that you also get different textures like soft leather, raw wood, greenery and woven material and you can also alter them as per your own choice and style.

In case, you are looking for modern bohemian kitchen for your house, then choose the color which is warm from the same family of colors and there must be a clean line. If you are fond of traditional bohemian then choose such colors and textures which must be of traditional bohemian style. Let us see what are various options available so that you can come up with bohemian style kitchen.

Create kitchen with bohemian style

It is not much difficult to adapt to bohemian style into your existing kitchen as you have lots of options. You need to choose any of the pattern, texture and color of this style. Even if rest of the items are of traditional or modern design, it will mix very well with the bohemian style.

Following are few ideas to create bohemian style in your kitchen:

  • For the kitchen floor select ikat patterned runner
  • You must display few collections of plates and bowls of bright colors with very lively pattern
  • You need to find some space where you can place lots of green plants
  • You may get some worn-in or woven leather barstools
  • You can also add any macramé wall hanging too.

In case you are not ready for complete renovation of kitchen but like to adopt to bohemian style in your kitchen then following are few ideas:

  • You can swap your existing backsplash with any patterned tiles
  • Consider of adding any pendant lighting taken from Moroccan style
  • Prefer to choose the hardware which are of mixed metal like brass or rose gold etc.
  • You need to choose such kinds of shade of color of the paint which gives bohemian style e.g. mustard yellow, burnt orange or pink or deep indigo.

Are you interested to create bohemian kitchen of your dream?

Following are few options for tame bohemian kitchen:

  • White cabinet with simple style of door
  • Aged rustic wood for countertop
  • Woven circle pendant lights
  • White and woven bar stools

Edgy bohemian kitchen

  • Use aged rustic wood door for cabinet as a slab door
  • Natural soapstone countertop
  • Carved metal pendant lights.
  • Large gold circle mirror
  • Worn warm leather for bar stools

The above are few ideas given, you can further explore your design ideas


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