Are You Looking for Pocket Chainsaw? A Review About Few Types

Are You Looking for Pocket Chainsaw? A Review About Few Types

Are You Looking for Pocket Chainsaw? A Review About Few Types

People who like hunting, hiking, other outdoor activities or anyone who prefer to spend time in isolated locations prefer a pocket chainsaw, as it can be very useful tool for them. A pocket chainsaw is a better tool as compared to wire saw which is generally found in any survival kits but the basic reason for keeping these tools is in fact for cutting any wood with the help of a compact cutting tool.

When you are going for trekking or remain away from home and you desperately need cutting wood for your survival purpose then you will look for pocket chainsaws which will prove to be quite handy. As an example, if you are camping somewhere and there is a need for cutting wood in order to make fire or in case you come across any fallen tree that is blocking your path. Sometimes, you may find yourself in even worse situation, like a major disaster and you may need to build your own shelter. In any such case, a pocket chainsaw can be a fantastic tool however it can certainly not be a replacement for a real chainsaw.

As such, a pocket saw is made by taking a similar chain that is used in any chainsaw which has a handle attached at both ends, so that you become the engine for powering the chain and cut the wood manually.

It is perfectly suitable for situations where you just cannot have your own chainsaw with you. The tool needs a good amount of energy in order to get the job properly done so that you would not use it for an extended period of time. It can be used for cutting trees or branches in a shorter time. In many ways, it can be invaluable and not too expensive too.

Now let us do a brief Croc Survival Pocket Chainsaw Review for different types that are available in the market in the following paragraphs.

SaberCut Chainsaw Pro

Following are the salient features of this type of pocket chainsaw

  • Dimensions:

24” length and it weighs 4.3 oz

  • Ease of use:

It is quite comfortable on your wrist straps and can prevent any stress on your hands and its reach can easily be extended by adding an extra cordage to each of the handle.

  • Reliable:

Flexible, pocket size blade can cut at different angles with little clearance and makes it a great choice for cutting branches and limbs at ground level or while up in your stand

  • Durable:

It can last long and hardly need any major maintenance

  • Convenient:

It comes in a quite handy nylon carry-case with a hook and loop closure so that you can store it in any backpack or gear while it is not in use

Chainmate 24″ Survival

  • Cutting is easier due to carbon steel chain
  • Lightweight, compact and quite easy to carry around.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Supplied with a convenient pouch and attached belt clip.

Sportsman 36″

  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Strong nylon handle with metal brackets.
  • With existing chain sharpeners, it can be sharpened.
  • 36″ bi-directional chain.


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