Do You Know What Should Be Inspection Schedule for Your Furnace?

Do You Know What Should Be Inspection Schedule for Your Furnace?

Do You Know What Should Be Inspection Schedule for Your Furnace?

You must have already started feeling the chill of the winter season in Sandy UT. Very soon you will look for that extra blanket, that you must have laundered and kept it away last spring. If that is not sufficient then you will soon turn on your furnace. It must fire right up as soon as you turn it on. Now imagine a situation when your furnace starts blowing cold air instead of hot air? when it was switched off during last season, it was working fine, but as you know furnace is really a complex system having many parts. It will work smoothly depending upon whether all the components are working in sync. Hence, regular furnace inspection is quite important.

How often you need furnace inspection?

Just like you get your car’s preventative maintenance done to make sure it runs, similarly your furnace too needs regular inspection and heater servicing Sandy UT to ensure that all the components can really tackle during cold winter weather. Inspection once in a year will be ideal to ensure that all the components are properly working.

What are the things to be inspected?

You may call any HVAC technician, who will check various parts and decide suitable action, if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. Following things are included in the inspection:

  1. You will notice so much dust and hair that can either be of human or pets in the vents both inside the furnace and also externally which needs to be cleaned. There can be leakage too.
  2. Remove any blockage for fresh air intake in the grills as the furnace while running in your premises may take cool air in and warm air out.
  3. Technician will open and remove the door of combustion chamber and ensure that the burners are igniting properly. They will also clean the sensor of the flame.
  4. Combustion gases will be measured
  5. Checking of your heat exchanger for corrosion and rust.
  6. It has to be ensured that there are no blocks in all the drainage system and also in the internal hoses. They will also clean the condensation trap and drain and also put fresh water there.
  7. Check for any rust or corrosion in all the wiring.

You may lose your warranty for not doing your furnace inspection

So, with the above activities you can realize that with annual inspection, you can know a lot about your furnace health. Therefore, all manufacturers recommend their customer to get their furnaces inspected yearly at least once. If you read warranty terms carefully then you may see that if damage is caused in your furnace due to improper maintenance then warranty will not be applicable.

With little price you can prevent unplanned breakdown of your furnace

You need to pay a nominal charge to get your furnace inspected that will not only save your utility bill considerably but also prevent any break down.


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