Important Tips To Follow While Choosing An Aquarium Filter

Important Tips To Follow While Choosing An Aquarium Filter

Important Tips To Follow While Choosing An Aquarium Filter

Aquarium filter plays an important role in maintaining the cleanliness of your aquarium. And also, it could turn out to be a tedious task while choosing an aquarium filter. This is because there are almost three types of filters available in the market and you must be confused as to which filter you should choose for your aquarium.

Here are some things that you must know about aquarium filters before you choose one for your own aquarium.

Points to consider

There are certain points that you must consider before choosing fish tank filter for your aquarium. These are:

  • The size of the tank
  • The number of fishes in the tank
  • Number of times you are ready to look after the maintenance of the tank

Canister filter

If there are a lot of fishes in your tank, canister filter is the filter that you are looking for. It provides excellent mechanical, biological as well as chemical filtration. It is mainly used for the large aquariums where the number of fishes is very large. It is also a big sized filter and hence, you must use it only if your aquarium is too large. It is mostly recommended for saltwater aquariums and planted aquariums.

Internal filters

These filters are the ones that are placed inside the tank. There are suction cups available in these filters and these cups help in purifying the atmosphere inside the tank. These are the submersible filters. These filters suck the water from the tank and then pass it through the purifier to purify the water.

Power filters

This filter is the one which is most commonly used by most of the people around the world. This filter can be used for each and every type of filtration and hence, has such a wide use in the filter tanks. It helps in the mechanical filtration of the water, which is further purified by passing water through activated carbon. Therefore, it is a combination of mechanical as well as biological filtration.

Use of carbon pads

The carbon pads have been recently used in these filters to purify the water. The specialty of these pads is that they contain activated carbon which removes most of the chemicals and other germs from the water and help in clearing it and improving the purity of the water. But there is one point to be noted while using these carbon pads that these pads need to be changed regularly from time to time and upgraded after every six months, in general.

Conclusion Hence, these filters help in keeping the cleanliness of your filter and maintaining a good, clean environment for the fishes living inside the aquarium. It is necessary that you are aware of your needs and you know what kind of a filter do you need for your aquarium and you get one accordingly. This is necessary because you must get only that filter which you are in requirement and which suits your purpose.


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